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Emil Bayazitov · Aug 31, 2020 · 5 min read

Not that we want to start with this, but we’d be lying if we said that COVID-19 has nothing to do with the website you’re on now. Let us take you through the history of how the idea of Coffeeopia came to life.

I’ve always been a fan of coffee, but that revolved mostly around cappuccino, espresso, flat white and so on. At some point I started focusing on cutting down on milk and switched to black coffee only. And you know black coffee — in general it sucks. So I started searching for the ones I could enjoy. This is how I discovered V60, pour over and specialty coffee.

At the time I didn’t quite know what specialty coffee is, I just started ordering it in different places I could. When COVID (here it comes) hit, I was locked down with my wife and our child at home without access to office with professional barista and good coffee places. This is how I started experimenting with searching and trying new blends every other week, which, at some point, made me realize that there’s no tool I could use to discover more of what I like, more of what suits my taste palate. And the second realization was that specialty coffee is amazing, but close to no one actually knows of its existence.

That was when it clicked. I got lucky I had an amazingly talented developer, who shared my vision. So we set on our journey.

We want to create a product that would help people buy and drink better coffee by leveraging crowd-sourced ratings from coffee drinkers around the globe.

Our own way

We’ve started with some research on what’s out there — whether someone has already done this or is close, what are the coffee apps out there — and we quickly realized that there are several apps that stand out (truth be told, we still keep discovering new apps and websites), but they’re not made for ordinary coffee lovers like me and my business partner.

So we started from scratch and started jotting down the vision and ideas in Notion. Then we rewrote and added stuff. And that is still continuing now.

We are doing Coffeeopia our own way — by an ordinary coffee lover for ordinary coffee lovers. We do use the help of experts and read a lot, but the main goal is to help people like us 3 months ago — people enjoying good coffee — enjoy more of great coffee.

Build and iterate

It all started with a cup of coffee. And several more.

Sometimes working conditions were a bit challenging.

We quickly realized we knew close to nothing when we started working on the product. So we started conducting interviews. A lot of interviews: coffee experts, baristas, roasters, coffee lovers, friends, random people at coffee places (when they reopened). And we gathered a lot of insights.

Our first mocks looked gorgeous.

We’re especially proud of our homepage!

Jokes aside, we iterated a lot and it was quite a rollercoaster (it still is!). The best part is we love each and every step of it and we have a long way ahead. Your Taste Profile

Having done the research we decided to start with one thing in mind: bring the best possible value to the user — ordinary coffee lover. What this means in our universe is give users all tools to understand themselves (their taste preferences, insights, history) better.

Our rich user profile lets you log each specialty coffee you tried in one place with all the notes, flavour notes and ratings. It’s your personal smart coffee log journal. We’re constantly building more features into it and it will become better every week.

Having said that, we will repeat ourselves — we’re just starting off! We have an exciting pipeline of features we will implement — and our core focus will always be bringing maximum value to the user.

Join the movement

Our goal is to open up the world of amazing coffee to everyone and we will greatly appreciate any feedback you can provide! Test Coffeeopia yourself and share it with your friends, add your favourite coffee and rate them to save in your profile. We will make this change together.

This blog is our attempt to log the development of our product with major milestones. We are building Coffeeopia and we are shaping it with you and thanks to all of you!

Stay tuned!