October Monthly Report

Emil Bayazitov · Oct 31, 2020 · 3 min read

Writing this monthly summaries has become a tradition which, frankly, I start enjoying. It's an amazing opportunity to sit back, reflect and be grateful for everything that's been achieved already. Huge shout-out to my partner in crime — he's managed to not only keep our pace in development but double it, which feels more like quadrupling it. Saying thank you will not even come close to how I feel.

October has been a very fruitful month: a lot of new features, new team member (more details below), 500+ coffee items added (total of 1000 now!) and so on. Let's get down to business! But first things first:

Coffee Fact

Finland is home to the biggest coffee lovers

Photo credits 'Fall into Finland'

HUGE stuff: design 🌈

As promised in the previous report, I'll share an update on the all-new design. We've had a designer join the team and work with us, but unfortunately we didn't end up staying together and had to part ways — on good terms.

Nevertheless we have not been slacking and quickly used our friends and connections — and we have an amazing designer join our team in the middle of October! Welcome to the team Vitalik! He's already finalized homepage design which is about to be rolled out in a matter of days now! Fingers crossed and stay tuned!

Focusing on roasters

Having hinted on this briefly in the September monthly, we continued focusing on roasters and finding how we could bring even more value to them. This brought several very important updates and features implemented this month:

  • rich roaster profile: this is roaster's storefront, so we aim to provide maximum useful information here
    • average roaster rating: it's calculated based on its coffee items' ratings
    • links to all roaster pages: so that the user can find and follow on all convenient platforms
  • officially managed roaster badge: the easiest way to increase trust
  • managed roaster perks: should the roaster want to manage its content, coffee items and have access to insights, 'managed roaster' badge comes with these
  • the ultimate guide for roasters: a warm welcome to all new and upcoming roasters on Coffeeopia
  • tagging new coffee items: from now on all new coffee items added by a roaster will be tagged as 'new' for a specific period of time

We continued and will continue carrying out more conversations with roasters as we discover insights every time we meet.


Turns out we have to keep track of what we're doing as well now, so we've introduced an internal dashboard (2, actually) with high-level metrics we track and we keep adding useful stuff into it. It feels amazing, let me tell you this — see it for yourself.

On top of that we've implemented sitemap generation and we're now good friends with Google (well, at least we hope so).

I might have said it before, but still: stay tuned for more updates!